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Welcome to our new web site layout!

Hello! We just finished moving our website from one server to another. And in the process we have a whole new layout and design. This new layout actually came from things turning from good to bad. Our website quit being user friendly, technically speaking. I was in total breakdown around this. This is a great example how things continue to happen and challenge us. From out of no where, totally unexpected, I was having challenges with the previous server. It became overwhelming for me that, what previously was taken for granted and easy, was not working properly, not easy and was draining my time and energy around it.

Above I said "From out of no where, totally unexpected". Actually, totally unexpected is not true. You can guarantee for sure, with absolute certainty, challenges will happen. And rapidly increasing, this is true in todays times, with technology driving it.

So what do we do when life happens? Our normal reaction is to be a victim. I was saying things like "this should be easy, why is this happening, technology is suppose to make my life easy" This is victim language. It actually is a barrier to moving forward as we get stuck and comfortable with, that the world is doing something to us. We get to be right. We are a victim. And who does not like to be righteously right?

If we want to breakthrough, breakdowns, the first step is to acknowledge that something is not working. This might seem meaningless, however, acknowledging it is a powerful first step. The purpose of this is to get us out of wollering in our own victimness, and consciously choosing we do not like this. We want to change our condition. We want to move forward.

The next step was to create an outcome that worked for me. I asked questions like what is the value and purpose of moving to another server and change companies? How is it worth the extra work to rebuild a whole new website? What would it look like if I didn't.

Through this process I identified clear action steps to start moving forward. I simply just took a piece of paper and started making a to do list. If something seemed too over whelming, I broke it down into smaller parts that felt better, easier. As I went through this process, I could see the new web site happening. It felt like it would be easy to accomplish. I had small steps to take that moved me forward to my goal. And here we are! Wahla!

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

Vince Lombardi US football coach (1913 - 1970)

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