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Happy New Year! Thank you last year for making me stronger this year!

Last year there were a few...incredibly challenging days, when the sun went down, it was dark and I could not see. Will things improve tomorrow? What do I need to do now, to make the changes in me, that I look forward to and excited about tomorrow? I fell asleep. I was awakened by sunlight through the window, the warmth of the sun on my face, the sounds of birds being busy, and it was morning. I got up and felt stronger.

Last year, unexpectedly, I was picked up off of my feat, thrown through the air and flung across the earth. I could not move and unsure, could I continue? I doubted if I could carry on. Questioned, could I finish anything I start. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and kept moving forward. The sun came up. I felt stronger.

Last year I fell down, I was afraid, I felt defeated. It was annoying and gnawing. I knew it would pass. Am I learning? Yes, I get this, now! Don't you? I surrendered to the challenge and let it go. The sun returned. I awoke from my sleep. I opened the curtains and there was the most beautiful, fresh new day. The sun gleaming through the clouds in the open blue sky. The rays of light warming my body and my face. I took a deep, deep, deep breath slowly in...and then even slower, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slower exhaling it out across my lips. A fresh new day full of infinite possibilities, excited and ready to take on any challenge and persist! And I grew stronger.

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