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How To Quit Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is one of most difficult to quit for a few reasons:

• It is a socially accepted addiction. • Sugar is present in hundreds of everyday products. • It is heavily advertised. • Sugar is used for reward and celebration.

In this article I’ll share straightforward actions to stop sugar cravings and remain in control.

My sugar habit lasted 20 years. It started as an after school treat, where I would eat 2-3 chocolate bars. They tasted great! I drank little water however consumed 4-6 sugar drinks per day.

As time went on, my body started reacting badly to processed sugar. I was hungry every 2 hours, anxious and developed chronic fatigue. Sugar used to provide me with energy but it was contributing to fatigue.

In 2012, I gave up all sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol and meat for 2 weeks. This was the advice I followed from a gut health specialist. After 5 days my energy levels doubled. My mind was clear and I haven’t experienced fatigue since. That was 7 years ago.

You are 100% free to choose whatever foods and drinks you want. Leaving all judgement aside, consider: What foods are making me tired and heavy? Which foods make me feel energized and light?

Stopping Sugar Addiction

This year I consulted with a lady in her 60s, named Anne. She wanted to lose 15kg, so we analyzed her food habits.

For Anne, the evening period was a lonely one. Her husband had passed away a few years prior. Evenings represented a time when food cravings were hardest to ignore.

Anne regularly had sugary snacks, yoghurt and wine after dinner. She acknowledged these habits weren’t helping her weight loss results or sleep quality.

We didn’t focus on any of her habits being bad. Instead, we sought to find a delicious, healthy, satisfying alternative! Her face lit up as she told me how much she loved pears.

Why find a satisfying alternative to processed sugar? Because when you do, sugar can’t compete with your healthy new snack.

Over the next 2 weeks, Anne lost 3kg and kept on losing weight successfully. She was happy and surprised how well it worked.

NOTE: Your alternative must be equally or more satisfying than the old unhealthy habit.

Find healthy alternatives that are pleasurable and you’ll never miss sugar again. My favorite rewards now are mangoes, pineapple, hot tea and connection with others. What alternative could you use?

Emotional Eating

Comfort food eating is linked to stress, anxiety, guilt, worry and boredom. If your primary way to deal with emotions is unhealthy, a likely outcome will be health problems in the long run.

• Can you deal with stress in a healthy way? • What support do you need? • Are you putting others care above your own? • What are positive ways you can process emotions?

Managing emotions has been a fascination of mine for 15 years. I’ve listened to the challenges of 2000+ clients, experiencing everything, from traumas to depression.

Here is a list of what has helped these people take charge of their health.

• Exercise they enjoy, 3-5 times per week. • Breakfast and consistent food times. • They solve their problems. If something is highly stressful, they make a life change. They don’t accept living that way any longer. • Doing work they are passionate about. • Time spent in nature. • Art, music, writing.

• An environment of quality people. • They have a great morning routine: Yoga, gratitude, breakfast, water, meditation, reading self-improvement books are some of their activities.

Sugar Addiction Is Hardest To Quit When Life Isn’t Going To Plan

Take positive steps to empower your life and those old sugar cravings will be minimised.

• Craving sweet food = missing sweetness in your life. • Needing comfort food = missing comfort from people or yourself. • Drowning sorrows with alcohol = missing emotional relief and peace.

The reason you have the habit reveals what your needs are!

Find activities that genuinely add value to your life. How many chocolates until you’re finally happy? What does your heart truly need right now?

Sugar addiction as a reward is a false construct. You’ll no longer be looking for sugar as reward, when life is rewarding.

Jeremy Walker is a Hypnotherapist in Brisbane, Australia. He helps people become free from addiction, anxiety and depression, without having to use willpower. Jeremy authored the book ‘Freedom From Addiction’, founded on what has worked for thousands, to live their best life.

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